• Sashiko



    Sashiko is beautiful.

    Sashiko keeps inspiring people.


    It is indeed True.



    Sashiko isn't about the pattern.

    Sashiko isn't just about the stitching technique.

    It was an ordinary practice by ordinary Japanese.


    The way to appreciate the fabric.

    The process of Accepting us.


    I am here to share what Sashiko is for us.

    Sashiko introduced in English isn't wrong, but insufficient.


  • Sashiko is more than a Pattern.

    Sashiko is an ordinary form of hand-stitching with many Japanese stories.

    The Sashiko We Practice may be different from what you already know.

    Sashiko isn't about being Right or Wrong. However, we have reasons to be passionate to share the Unshin (運針)

    Please try to learn the basic & tradition before limit yourself.

    It is perfectly fine to "choose what to do", but please be aware that it is Cultural Appropriate to "change what it is" based on the skill.

  • What is Sashiko?

    We share many stories to illustrate what Sashiko is

    A practice of Hand-Stitching

    As long as I know, there is neither the solid definition nor the answer to what Sashiko is.... (Read More)

    Sashiko & Animism

    Sashiko isn't only about Stitching.

    I believe that “Sashiko” is not only a product with hand-stitching, but it is also the process of appreciating the fabric by mending, repairing... (Read More).

  • We offers Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    The best viewed video in our Youtube Channel.

    We have weekly live streaming where Atsushi talkes while stitching with no editing.

  • More Coming Soon!

    We are working on it. Mean while, please check our website.

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