• One of a Kind Sashiko Store

    To share a very few items we create, we would like to offer to someone who knows it.


    Find an Item on Instagram.

    I occasionally offer our hand-made items/crafts/Arts on Instagram. Please follow @UpcycleStitches on Instagram.


    Please find a link on the item page.

    The post usually has a specific link to purchase an item.


    Place an order in this web.

    As of 2021 Summer, the-firstcome and the-first-serve will be applied . It is my goal to offer what I can do to who cares for what we do & Sashiko.


    I will send you a Confirmation Email.

    Please expect the confirmation email. For any reasons, if the item is double purchased due to the system error, no price will be charged.

  • One of a kind. For You From Us.

    Please allow Atsushi to share the item even after your purchase.I would like to keep sharing what we have created as "Item belong to someone who cares". For the update product & Password, please follow our Instagram (upcyclestitches)

  • Item belong to someone who cares.

    It is our pleasure to share what we care to you - who cares what we do.

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