• Japanese Sashiko

    The Japanese stitched to make fabric stronger and thicker.

    We call their ordinary stitching as "Sashiko"

    with appreciation to what we have

    Upcycle what we love.

  • Natural Dye

    "Age" is important factor

    in Sashiko & Boro.

    So is Natural Colors

    Kofu / Nuno

    Fabric Carry Stories.

    Therefore, we communicate

    to the fabric with Sashiko

  • Sashiko Stories

    To learn what is Sashiko for Japanese.

    One History, but many stories around.

    Youtube Channel to share our Wisdom

    Sashi.Co Channel

    It is our (Japanese) responsibility to explain what Sashiko and the Japanese culture are.

    Sashiko is more than making one perfect stitch.

    I want you to know the richness of Sashiko Story.

    Your Action directly Support Our Sashiko.

    It is very challenging to make a living as Sashiko artisans.

    Please support our activities for us continue to be the Sashiko practitioners.

  • We are here to share the Sashiko

    Culture alternate its form. We all interpret what we love.
    Therefore, we are here to pass down the Original Form of Sashiko.


    Atsushi & Keiko Futatsuya, and many friends.

    We are a group of Sashiko Artisans. Upcycle Stitches (by Atsushi in USA) and Sashi.Co (by Keiko in Japan) are our activity name. Keiko is a great Sashiko artist, and Atsushi is trying to be a good storyteller while he enjoys Sashiko stitching.




    Sashiko isn't about only design or product.

    It represents how the Japanese live(d).

    ​It is our goal to continue the Sashiko stitching as original as we received - to pass it down to the next generation.

    • To share the Sashiko we have been practicing for more than 30 years.
    • To clarify the deep relationship between Sashiko and Japanese culture.
    • To pass down the technique of Sashiko Stitching and wisdom of Sashiko stories
    • To preserve the long-lasting industry to keep Sashiko Active 
  • What we do

    Sashiko then Boro. Among many interpretation, we share what we have received. Keep stitching, sharing and inspiring the world.

    Japanese Sashiko Workshop

    Learn the Core of Sashiko

    The Sashiko workshops we offer is more than "fun time" together. It is different from the other types of workshops like 'let's do Sashiko together." The workshop is more like a "learning opportunity" where your brain and hands would be keep moving.

    Hitomezashi Sashiko Jacket

    The authenticity we believe

    We can find many types of interpretations in Sashiko and Boro. We are proud of the Sashiko we have been practicing, and we feel it is our mission to introduce the "Sashiko" as Japanese Sashiko.


    Check out achievement in our portfolio

    Sashiko Thread

    Get the "usual" for the Sashiko artisans

    Sashiko is getting popular day by day. Many suppliers jumped into the market to share the Sashiko thread, needles, thimbles, and fabric. We provide the supplies that we use in our usual & ordinary project - the best for our Sashiko project.


    Get the best supply from the ordinary Sashiko artisans - Sashiko tools and supplies make big difference in Sashiko stitching.

  • Peek into what we sell.

    What we make is for someone using it. Sashiko's beauty was defined by "the beauty in using it." We care how the item will be used. Then, it is up to the owner to define.

    Boro To be

    For the ordinary days

    We make boro out of "boro to be fabrics"

  • Learn more about Sashiko and Boro

    I embrace the free interpretation of Sashiko. However, it is also important to know the origin - and how the Japanese Sashiko Artisans understand the Sashiko, Boro and current trend.

    BoRO Studio

    To learn what Boro is...

    Boro (襤褸) is well known worldwide as the beautiful textile from Japan. As much as we appreciate a huge range of interpretation, there are cores we want you to understand. This page is the studio to learn & share what the Boro is for us - for the Japanese & Sashiko practitioners.


    The best way to get updated in Learning Sashiko







  • Our work

    We share a photo regularly with wisdom on SNS.


    We will do our best to support your Sashiko

    Please expect the reply within a few business days. If you have not received, please send the message to the email address below.
  • Sashiko Journey Continues with more friends

    Meet Sashiko friends who we had shared our Sashiko - now they are part of the Sashiko.


    To be Boro Artist


    Sashiko Artist

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