• Boro / Ranru



    People say Boro is the art.

    I agree that Boro is beautiful as the art.




    Boro is not a word for patchworking.

    Boro is not a technique of mending.

    Boro represents the poverty in Japan, Shame and Pride.


    Boro isn't just about "worn" fabric.

    Boro carries a lot of stories, and the Japanese Culture.


    We are here to share.

    We make "To-Be-Authentic Boro" today to respect the Japanese.


  • Boro and Sashiko

    The silent voice of Japanese people

    All hand stitched for someone you care.

    Each Stitches are the sign of someone is there for you.

    What is the difference of Boro and Sashiko?

  • Learn More about Boro (Coming Soon).

    There are many stories to share

    Shop Boro (To be Boro Piece)

    We try to recreate the Boro, by making To-Be-Boro Pieces.

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