• Special Sashiko Store

    All hand-made, with caring stitching into the details.

    From Sashiko Artisans

    A market place where Sashiko Artisans meet Sashiko fans

    Sashiko Thread

    A few skeins available - the thread we do not know if we can recreate.

  • Sustainable Sashiko by Upcycle Stitches

    To hope that we can have the same Sashiko 100 years from now.

  • As a Japanese Sashiko Practitioner (Blog)

    Atsushi's dream to pass down the Sashiko to the next generation

  •  Irregular (One Time) Sashiko Thread

    Colors created by hands with trials - and therefore they are irregular. One of a kind, indeed.

  • Shop from Sashiko Artisans

    Upcycle Stitches ask Sashiko Artisans to share their passion.

  • Upcycle Stitches Online Store

    For the regular Sashiko needes, please visit our Sashiko Store.
    We strive to offer best quality Sashiko Supply.

    Sashiko Thread

    Needle & Thimble

    Japanese Fabric

    Sashiko Class

    Sashiko Tools

    Shop & Learn from us - which support us directly.

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