• Sashiko Tour


    Tanpopo Journeys

    Exclusive Experience to learn the Japanese Sashiko with Atsushi


    In order to make the experience fully satisfactory,

    We ask you to learn Sashiko basic prior to the trip.


    Please read this page carefully to get what you want.

  • In order to make it the "Best" experience...

    We require to learn the core of Sashiko BEFORE the tour.

    Please imagine that the tour is about enjoying many different trails with riding a bycicle.
    I want you to enjoy it as much as possible.
    Therefore, I want you to learn how to ride a bike before the tour.


    Register Your Seat

    Please register yourself to the tour so you can get the seat for sure.


    If you have any questions, please contact Koshiki on Tanpopo Tours.


    If you haven't yet, please take the (Online) Sashiko Class with the special deal for this tour. It is a requirement to join the tour


    *Please check the product page for your qualification if you have taken the Sashiko workshop offered by Atsushi.


    *if you wish to not to join the Sashiko workshops in Japan during tour, then online class is not required.


    Learn & Practice

    You will have many materials to stitch & learn in Japan. Before the tour, please learn, practice & enjoy Sashiko. Atsushi will keep encouraging you to practice.

    (Practice is not required, as much as you can is fine).

  • Sashiko & Boro throughout.

    Learn Sashiko & Boro, Before, During, and after the Tour.

    Sashiko is more than stitching for us. In 9 days, I will share as many stories as possible.

    Meet & talk to the artisans in Japan

    We can all connect with the love of Sashiko & Boro.

    Sashiko isn't a past yet. There are many Sashiko artisans today. I will connect you with them.

    So many stories to share.

    Atsushi will travel with you. Always sharing their stories.

    Boro isn't the word for visible mending. Sashiko isn't a word for patterns. Then you may wonder... what is it?

    You will find your own answer in this tour.

    Shopping with the expert advise.

    Many good stuff to treat your eyes, and of course your hands.

    There are many "appropriate" tools & supplies for Sashiko. I will introduce what we always use.

  • Workshops.

    Atsushi & his friends in Japan offer the exclusive workshops in Japan.

    Learn from Keiko

    Yes, that Keiko will share her Sashiko.

    The genious Sashiko Artisan, Keiko Futatsuya, will offer the "Boro-to-be Making" Workshop together.


    Check her masterpieces here.

    Atsushi's teaching

    Throughout the tour.

    You will be stitching throughout the tour (of course, only when you want to). It is our dream to have delicous food, in foreign counrty, with good people, while stitching.

  • Online Sashiko Class Registration

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