• Sashiko Workshop 2022 ~

    Learn Sashiko from Japanese Sashiko Artisan.

  • "Core & Essence", then "Application & Practice"

    "Core & Essence" is the gateway of Sashiko to teach the most important thing in Sashiko - Kata.

    "Core & Essence" Workshop

    After sharing (teaching) Sashiko we practice for more than 4 years to more than 800 friends, I am confident the importance of sharing the "Kata", which is a form of Sashiko Stitching. We call the needle movement with the specific Kata as "Unshin", and we break down each steps to learn the Core & Essence of Sashiko - which is Unshing & related mindset.


    It is essencial to start Sashiko as we practice today. Regardless of the experience, we ask everyone to start learning Sashiko with us from this workshop (exception may be applied with answering to the specific questionnairs).


    * Sashiko Online Class satisfy the contents of "Core & Essence" with learning form with Videos & Online Session with Atsushi.


    For the year of 2022 ~ 2023, we offer "Core & Essence" workshop below.


    • July @ Slow Fiber Studio, Berkely, CA.

    "Application & Practice" Workshop

    Sashiko is a simple form of hand-stitching. It doesn't require a complex studying to master the Core & Essence of Sashiko. However, at the same time, it isn't shallow to "complete" the whole Sashiko by learning one perspective. There are a lot more to play & expand the possibility. "Application & Practice" Workshop offer the options to enjoy more - it isn't "Advanced" Workshop, it is "More Application & Practices" workshop.


    If I describe "Core & Essence" as the opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle over repetitive practicing, "Application & Practice" is a lesson to take you to the bike park with other attractions. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that everyone is on the same page - I do not want to take anyone to the bike park without sharing how to ride a bike.


    * As of 2022, I am working on preparing the "Application & Practice" workshop online. Please follow our Instagram Account for the latest update.


    For the year of 2022 ~ 2023, we offer "Application & Practice" workshop below.


    • July @ Slow Fiber Studio, Berkely, CA.



    Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop - Core & Essence

    The "Form - Kata" to explain everything we practice as "Sashiko"

    "Sashiko introduced in English is not wrong, but insufficient"

    Atsushi starts describing the Sashiko in English as "not wrong but not enough". This workshop will fulfill the missing part of the Sashiko some Japanese have been practicing.


    "What is the right size for Sashiko Stitching?"

    "How can we make even stitches?"

    "How to stitch so fast on the back of the fabric?"


    These are frequent asked questions we receive.

    There is one "common" things to the every questions we receive in English. These questions are about "the result" and "how to". It is very important to learn technique & how to. However, it doesn't explain the whole picture of Sashiko. The Core & Essence of Sashiko exist in the practice, and we share everything you need to start enjoying the Sashiko as we do.



    Learn "How to" with answers to "Why"

    Tradition as the accumuration of Stories

    Sashiko Needle, thimble, thread and fabric. All of the materials we use have their own "Story" for their own "Why". By using the specific "Supply Package" we prepare, you will learn why we strongly recommend using the specific needle, thread, thimble and sometimes fabric.


    Thread matters for Sashiko & it will be a foundation of "Cultural Sustainability".


    Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop - Application & Practice

    Let's see how we can apply the "Unshin" and its form to enjoy Sashiko More.


    "Atsushi, what is the Advanced Sashiko Workshop we can take?"


    I have received so many request to offer the follow-up workshop after they learn Sashiko with "Core & Essence" Workshop. Their expectation is that there should be something "Advanced" when they complete the "Core & Essence (Basic)". Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as "Advanced" once they learn the core of Sashiko - Unshin. It is just a matter of learning "How to Apply it" to various projects.


    Some understanding my message, and still asked me to offer the follow-up workshop to learn "How I would apply this" to the other Sashiko project. The answer to them is this workshop, "Application & Practice". We will go though what I normally do in our Sashiko project with focusing on 2 things "Applying & Mending" and "Hitomezashi".


    "Core & Essence" Workshop is a intensive learning experience where I "teach" you Sashiko in one direction. "Application & Practice" is more like the workshop of "Let's enjoy Sashiko Togehter" with the foundation you received in the Core & Essence.


    The themes we will cover is:


    Applying & Mending

    • How to prepare the fabric (Transfer the fabric / pre-stitching).
    • How to mend the garment with Sashiko techniques.
    • How to make Boro (What is Boro after all)


    • Practice Sashiko from a different view point.
    • Learn how to enjoy Hitomezashi Sashiko

    More than "Kit".

    Pattern Prepared Fabric isn't bad, but...

    Although there is nothing wrong with purchasing the "Pre-made (Pattern Prepared)" fabric for Sashiko, it limit your creativity & real fun of Sashiko. Preparing the fabric isn't so difficult - and we will go through the process together to share the ideas of how to do it.


    You may bring a pair of denim or a Jacket to actually stitch on, while Atsushi will be available for any questions for the specific topics about Sashiko stitching on the garments.

    Learn Mending for "Authentic Boro"

    Boro as more than "Patchworking"

    Sashiko isn't the word for mending itself. However, mending is an important part of Sashiko. We will go over the mending "sample" to understand how the Japanese would used "Sashiko" to maximize their mending - which now well known for "Boro".


    Boro isn't the word for patchworking only. With learning "How to" and Stories behind it, we can make the "Authentic Boro" even today.


    To make it happen.

    One of the most popular items we make is the "Hitomezashi Sashiko Jacket". In the "Core & Essence" workshop, I do not teach "how to do Hitomezashi" - since many information can be found from other resources. However, I receive many request to teach this Hitomezashi Workshop - and it is included to the "Application & Practice" Workshop.


    By understanding the essence of Hitomezashi & practice it, you can start your own journey to make your own Hitomezashi item.


    *The workshop does NOT include the lesson teaching how to make a Jacket or a Bag. There are better resources to learn how to do so with the fabric you stitch Sashiko on.

  • What is Hitomezashi?

    With the Same "Kata" from "Core & Essence", we will expand our possibility.

    The importance of "Grid"

    Hitomezashi isn't so difficult once we get the "idea" of how to do it. With practicing one the Grid, we will get familier to the Hitomezashi Ideas.

    Idea & Patterns are unlimited

    Because all the patterns are created on the Grid, there are no such a thing as "Right" patterns. With showing & practicing Hitomezashi, you can find your own favorite Hitomezashi pattern - or you can probably create one for yourself.

    Sashiko Jacket as a Choice

    With combining all of the Hitomezashi & Unshin Sashiko Stitching, you can make this type of Jacket by yourself. We are not the best resources to learn how to patchwork them together and tailor them as the Jacket. However, I will talk about the brief "idea" of how we make these Jackets. Once you get enough practice, this Jacket is right around the corner.

  • Online Sashiko Class

    Wherever you are, I am always here to support your learning.

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