• A Series of Sashiko Wisdom

    To make Your Sashiko a bit easier, I offer a series of "Sashiko wisdom"


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  • Sashiko is too ordinary to me...

    I would like to understand what you want to understand.

    For Example... (as a wisdom)

    I have seen & met so many people who suffer from "Drawing Grid".

    There are tools to do so.

    There are fabrics to help a stitcher.

    Yes, we have a fabric with Grid pre-printed,

    but it is because we sometimes need to stitch in larger pieces.


    If the grid is smaller than "Letter Size" or so,

    This wisdom will be the game-changer

    - which was my ordinary.

    A way to share "around" Sashiko

    Sashiko is my ordinary practice.

    I teach Sashiko in Online Class & in-person workshop.

    While teaching Sashiko, I realize there are so many topics

    covered as "Sashiko", yet not really Sashiko.


    I am making another workshop named "Around Sashiko Class" -

    which teachs things one needs to know to fully enjoy Sashiko.


    This won't be an expensive class because it will be just a series of wisdom.

    I would like to share a bit of these wisdom in Limited Time as a Series.


    Yes, this Limited Version is for Free with one condition.

    [Please keep learning what Sashiko is for us (Japanese)]


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    Thank you.

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