• Sashiko Story

    A series of stories to introduce what Sashiko is.

    A definition is sometimes not enough. I hope to share the wisdom here with sharing stories.

    What is Sashiko & Any Rules in Sashiko Stitching?

    Sashiko Story Vol.1

    More information: https://upcyclestitches.com/sashiko-video-log-story-vol-1/

    What is the difference of Boro and Sashiko?

    More information: https://upcyclestitches.com/difference-sashiko-and-boro/

    Why Sashiko Thread?

    My motivation to share & teach Sashiko

    New Challenge Begins to share the Sashiko we practice.

    Why Do I make a Sashiko Fabric Mask

    Why Do I spend so much time in explaining cultural aspect of Sashiko?

    Sashiko Story Vol.8 - Why is the Sashiko Basics so Important? (with Piano)

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