• Welcome to Sashiko!

    I will see you soon in the beautiful Aya Fiber Studio in 

    You should receive an email from Aya Fiber Studio for what to bring & expect.

    Just in case, I list all of the information you would need to know before traveling.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    What to bring for the Sashiko Workshop

    All of the necessary tools & supplies will be prepared in a package below. Some of them are exclusively prepared for this workshop, so please purchase the package to join the Sashiko workshop.
    Besides the unique tools & supplies, it may be a good idea to have several general sewing tools.
    Please bring the tools below for the best experience (not required, but recommended).

    What is in the special supply Package


    Get in tough with Atsushi

  • Additional Information to make it better!


    If you have anything specific, you may pre-order


    I will keep updating the website before, during, and after the workshop

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